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A.R. Fagundes Style: SciFi, Fantasy, Romance After being laid-up on ice packs for months and seeing doctors three days a week due to a bad car accident, Allison awakened one morning after an incredible dream. She scrambled for her laptop to dream-journal the adventure (a hobby of hers) and continued writing for four weeks. At the end of that time, she had her first draft of Goddess Save the King. Six-plus months later, she finished the final draft of the project and self-published it on Amazon.
A.R. Fagundes

“The paired diviners shall rise when the earth is at its worst to annihilate evil before its end. The planet will be returned to the divine in its purest state in which it was at its inception, so that life may begin again.”

-Message of the second Prophet

The Diviner Chronicles
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    A.R. Fagundes

Goddess Save the King by: A.R. Fagundes Twins Adaline and Asher bide time on a post-apocalyptic Earth as they prepare to end all remaining life on the planet. As their deadline nears on the final of three prophecies, Adaline discovers a new world ruled by an ancient elfin king. King Aureon abandons isolation after meeting Adaline, and he seizes the opportunity to repeat history in order to rest old wounds. In an effort to conceal their growing attraction for each other, Aureon requires Adaline to play a part in his scheme. The truth is discovered when retribution is in sight, including if Adaline can save Aureon’s crown and his life. MATURE CONTENT.

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Naia Realtor
" This is a fun book and one hell of an allegory! Read it! Can't wait for a sequel. I was trapped and could not put it down, despite needing to get other things done. The last author who messed up my schedule like that was Dan Brown. "
Bridget Avid Reader
" This is a wonderful book. Captivating, it made you want to read more. The writer is a very good writer, keeps it simple and easy to follow all the different characters. Can't wait for the next one to come out to see what happens next!! "
Caitlin Trainer
" This a big book but will keep you turning the page right until the very end. I had to refrain from biting my nails to stubs during the last few chapters. The only downside is waiting for book two! I can't wait to read more and see what else unfolds. "