4 Great Articles for Indie Authors
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Over the past six months or so, novel writing has consumed the majority of my time. I did what is considered stereotypical of authors. I became a hermit, surrounded by the silence of my home, as I pummeled the keyboard of my ten year old notebook. After confessing the latter detail to a friend who worked for an electronic store for a number of years, he was shocked the notebook still worked (barely), and joked that is was a fire hazard at this point. No matter. I still plugged away at my marketing plan for my first novel as I take up the rest of the RAM left on my Dell dinosaur.

On breaks from writing, I would end up on Pinterest, which easily sucks me into its wonderful world of pins and boards of multiple subjects I enjoy. As a result, I’ve come across a few articles I thought were helpful about the writing process, whether it self-publishing, marketing tips, info for indie authors, etc.

For your reading pleasure:

Pros and Cons of Traditional Publishing vs Self-Publishing

The article is a candid break-down of the good, the bad, and the ugly of traditional, self, and hybrid-model publishing. If you have your manuscript done and are still side-stepping publishing your work because you aren’t sure of the benefits of your options, this is a good read. I had already chosen self-publishing, and this article reaffirmed my original decision because I value obtaining creative control over my work and don’t mind doing the marketing work required.

71 Ways to Promote and Market Your Book

If marketing is not your strong suit, this article is a good place to start nurturing your ideas that will contribute to your marketing strategy for your writing. It provides everything from beginner to advance tactics often paired with links to articles for further information. I’m a fan of numbers 20-27 and 46-50.

7 Things Authors Can Do While Waiting for a Book to be Published

Okay, you did the hard part many people never accomplish: you finished your book! Congratulations!

Now what?

This article will put you to work on your strategy of preparing to bring your book to market. There is a lot of ground work that goes into it from content building that we all hope results in audience building. This article helps you plan key parts of the process so when it comes time to utilize your social media platforms, or submit your project to KDP Select, you will already have the content you need to move forward.

Then there are articles that keep me humble like this last one:

5 Common Writing Mistakes that Make Your Look Like an Amateur

I’ve discovered that writing in the fantasy genre can make your imagination run wild, and sometimes too far. Take #6 (the bonus mistake) in this article. It took me three days to get character names down because my mind would reach for the obscure. I needed the time and (brain) space to reason what names were best for my characters and fairly simple for a reader to say.

It’s important for writers who are considering becoming authors to easily access information that will help them make decisions as they walk their creative path without the anxiety of being taken advantage. As I continue to read and write during the first-time-author-process, I will share my discoveries. If you know of great articles that will help writers, please post the links below.

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