An Annual Review: Recovering and Writing
On August 28, 2015 | 0 Comments

Last Friday, March 10th, 2017, was my first book-signing event that took place at Phoenix Books in my hometown, Los Banos, California. I didn’t realize until well into the event that that day was the anniversary of the car accident I was in that changed the order of my creative expression.

That doesn’t mean the car accident was a good thing, no no no. There was nothing good about my car getting totaled and getting no money to put down toward a new one when the accident wasn’t my fault.  Nor was there anything good about being in pain for months when I was used to being a strong, physically fit person. And there definitely wasn’t anything good about going back into the workforce only to have all of my injuries flare up, again, and have to seek more medical treatment.

However, as I have mentioned before, the life-changing event did cause me to stop my over-packed life and rest. How often do we get to do that without feeling compelled to finish more chores, goals, or do more work? “Oh, wait, I can finish this right now. It’ll just take a minute.” Sound familiar?

As limited as I was at the time, it was the ownership of my own space and time that allowed creativity to run free because I had no other responsibilities outside of recovering. I found writing a rush to chase and it often left me burned-out by the end of the day, but I was excited to start all over again the next day. (In between doctor appointments, of course.)

This anniversary has caused me to look back over the past year and understand that it wasn’t a waste. It was painful, it was difficult, it was limiting, and yet a silver lining managed to present itself. As I prepare for more medical treatment in an effort to finally put the after-effects of the accident to rest, my goals remain clear, which includes finishing book two of The Diviner Chronicles for Christmas this year.

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