Goodreads Giveaway Ends, Deals Continue
On July 27, 2017 | 0 Comments

Congratulations to the lucky winners, Elizabeth from Idaho and Syndi from Toronto, and everyone for their interest in a project that has captivated my thoughts for the past year, resulting in a true-labor of love. Both ladies will be receiving a signed copy of Goddess Save the King in the mail any day now.

Now that my very first Goodreads Book Giveaway has come to a close and I’ve shipped the books to the lucky winners, I can honestly say that choosing to have a giveaway was a wonderful decision with a joyful result. Being an unknown self-published author, I didn’t expect so many people to have an interest in the giveaway, let alone enter for a chance to win. When I saw the final entry number stop at 1,027 entries, my mind was blown!

To say thank you to everyone out there who took the time to enter the giveaway for a chance to win a signed copy of Goddess Save the King but didn’t win, I extend to you an opportunity: I have slashed the price of the Kindle ebook from $2.99 to .99 for a limited time! The book is also available in paperback for anyone who is interested.

This ebook deal lasts until August 2, 2017, at 9am PST.

Thank you, again, to everyone who entered. I am excited to finish the sequel to this book and am aiming to release it in time for Christmas. A book giveaway will absolutely take place for the second installment of The Diviner Chronicles, and I will announce it here to keep you all informed.

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