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    A.R. Fagundes


Return of the Goddess

by: A.R. Fagundes

The Diviner Chronicles | Book 2

Available on Amazon in December 2017

Meet the Author
With over a decade of experience of bouncing between the entertainment and fashion industries of Los Angeles, Allison Fagundes is a creative professional with her sights set on entrepreneurship. Once she grew the brass-boobs to leave her corporate job for swimwear design, she managed to shuffle away from a car accident that changed the order of her creative expression. After being laid-up on ice packs for months and seeing doctors three days every week, Allison awakened one morning after an incredible dream. She didn’t stop dream-journaling the adventure for four weeks. At the end of that time, she had her first draft of Goddess Save the King. Six-plus months later, she finished the final draft of the project and self-published it through Amazon. Before the accident, Allison would spend a few days a week building her sand legs to become a better beach volleyball player. Now, she’s gentler on herself as she continues to take the time to restore the strength she once had. This opportunity has allowed her to focus on writing like never before as well as become more invested in the movie-going experience. As a result, she’s on Team Iron Man, ride or die, and is baffled that Greg Rucka’s Batman No Man’s Land hasn’t been made into a Hollywood blockbuster.
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“Return of the Goddess”

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